I’m 17 years old, got a shoplifting ticket … What should I expect?


I’m 17 years old, got a shoplifting ticket (Class C), and will be going to court in a couple of days. What should I expect?

I got a shoplifting ticket in Texas and I have court soon. I will be talking to a prosecutor and I’m considered as an adult. What should I expect? What should I say? What are my chances of clearing this off of my record?

This is my first time EVER getting into any kind of trouble with the law and I already understand how big of a mistake I’ve made and I really don’t want this on my record and I’m extremely nervous of whats going to happen. I’m hoping to get a deferred deposition. Do I have to ask for that? Any help would be very much appreciated!



You need to get a deferred adjudication for this offense. If you get deferred you can later expunge it from your record.

If you get convicted, it is on your record for life. Considering that theft is considered a moral turpitude crime which means that you most likely will not work in businesses such as a bank or law office in the future if you do not get deferred adjudication.

It should not cost that much for an attorney to resolve the matter for you (500.00-750.00) plus fine or fee for deferred adjudication.

How Can I Find Out About My Outstanding Traffic Tickets?

A common problem our traffic ticket clients seem to have is that they misplace their ticket paperwork and don’t remember in which court their matter is pending.  We can’t help with a ticket that isn’t over-due, but for that old matter you’ve forgotten about, a really handy website is the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Failure To Appear Database.


By inputting your name and date of birth you can find any citation that has been reported to TDPS.  Watch out though – some courts don’t report their outstanding citations.  So if you know you have a citation and it’s not on the list you need to keep looking.  For most though, this list will show you what you have, and probably what you’ve had.  Give it a look.  It’s your tax dollars at work!

For all your other ticket needs check out our Texas Ticket Lawyers site.

Can I avoid a ticket if I only provide my Drivers License number in Texas?

Q: I got a ticket due to “fail to provide DL” but I  told the officer I could give him my drivers license number and he just asked me for another type of ID, which I did provide, but then he asked if my DL was suspended and I told him “No”, and I told him again I could give him my DL number and he still wouldn’t take it, and he just decided to give me the ticket. Can I avoid a ticket if I only provide my Drivers License number in Texas?

A: The question is whether or not you actually have a valid driver’s license in you possession now?

If you do and just did not have it in your possession while driving, you can contact the court and see if they will dismiss the case if you bring them your license. If you have lost or misplaced your license, you need to get one ASAP (today or tomorrow) and then contact the court and see if they will dismiss your ticket with that license.

You do not want to just pay the fine, try to get deferred adjudication. I am not sure whether a “failure to provide DL” is a moving violation that goes on your record or not. If the court is not willing to dismiss (and sometimes they do with a small fee which is okay) then you should hire a lawyer that handles traffic tickets to get it dismissed or get deferred adjudication for you.